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The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights require companies to develop grievance mechanisms that are legitimate in the eyes of stakeholders, accessible to stakeholders, predictable, equitable, transparent, rights compatible, and promote continuous learning and improvement.

Avanzar helps its clients ensure their mine site grievance mechanisms align with these expectations.


  • Avanzar carried out comprehensive engagement with internal and external stakeholders in Albania to develop a stakeholder engagement process that would not only align with international standards, but also be culturally appropriate and accepted by its implementers and users. This included process and conflict management training with grievance officers and other community relations and operations personnel.

  • For an oil and gas company with operations in Peru and Colombia, Avanzar reviewed the sites’ grievance mechanisms and recommendations to align the mechanisms with international standards. Avanzar also developed a detailed guidance document to help sites implement their grievance processes according to company and international standards.​

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