Water Rights

Conflicts over water are the most common cause of violence in the extractive industry. Avanzar has a proven track record in establishing trusted, neutral, legitimate, scientifically rigorous, accessible and transparent community monitoring systems.

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Participatory Water Monitoring Projects

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Engagement Strategy for Water Rights

Avanzar has established community-based water monitoring committees at both exploration and operations phases of a mining project, and have transferred the management of their activities to local social and technical experts for long-term facilitation. Our methodology has been positively reviewed by McGill University and the UNDP.

Out of the four programs established, one of them has expanded to include air monitoring. Two of the programs ended upon completion of the life of the mine.

Water scarcity requires careful resource management and dialogue among all private and public water users. Avanzar provides strategies for understanding stakeholder concerns and creating collaborative processes for the collective management of the resources. Successful collaboration reduces the risk of conflict.


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