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Investment in the training of company personnel is critical in ensuring all employees have the necessary knowledge and skills to implement new corporate policies, procedures, and standards. Similarly, as new industry standards emerge and stakeholder expectations evolve, it is important that company personnel are equipped to meet those changing standards and expectations.

Avanzar has designed, developed, and carried out comprehensive online training, train-the-trainer programs, and workshop-style training programs on various ESG/Sustainability topics. We employ a highly participatory approach to our training programs and ensure we tailor them to both the cultural context and education levels of the participants. Avanzar uses a transformative learning approach to training that puts participants in situations that challenge their beliefs and perceptions, encourages them to share experiences, and allows them to test new strategies in a safe space. Training is interactive using case studies, games, videos, and role-plays to help participants apply newly learned concepts in practical scenarios.

Topics include:


  • Human Rights


  • Security and Human Rights


  • Modern Slavery


  • Stakeholder Engagement


  • Conflict Management and Negotiation


  • Gender sensitivity and cross-cultural engagement





  • Designed and developed a participatory human rights training program for an international mining company that addressed issues and challenges faced by mine management. The training equipped employees with the skills to identify, mitigate, and report on human rights risks and violations. Topics included labour rights (e.g. forced labour, child labour, discrimination and harassment), security and human rights, risks along the supply chain, Indigenous Peoples' rights, social and economic rights (e.g. right to an adequate standard of living). 


  • Developed content for a 45-minute human rights online training program with monitoring and evaluation components. The e-learning program was implemented across the entire company in English, French, and Spanish. 


  • Designed and developed train-the-trainer programs on the implementation of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR) for security personnel at mines sites in Turkey, Greece, Romania, and Panama.

  • Designed, developed, and facilitated training sessions for a community relations team and a construction and drilling team at an oil operation in Albania. Training included conflict management, negotiation, and communication.

  • Provided training, and on-going advice on, the incorporation of sustainable development methodologies into engagements with local stakeholders with a wide variety of extractive companies in South America.

  • Designed multiple training workshops for company personnel of energy and resource companies on how to design and carry out a participatory and transparent engagement process with stakeholders (communities, governments, and local, national, and international NGOs) related to such issues as environmental impacts of a project; sustainable community development; social risk management; gender and intercultural engagement; conflict prevention and mitigation; and the responsible closure and post-closure of a mining operation.

  • Designed a ‘train-the-trainers’ manual on Stakeholder Engagement for an extractive company that started with company policies and guidelines and worked outward to easy-to-use training exercises for all operating units of the company at different mine sites. A strong emphasis was placed on cross-cultural accessibility.


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