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Avanzar LLC

We provide expert human rights and social risk training, assessments and implementation guidance.

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Security-related human rights risks are the most salient for most companies and can become the most costly if not well managed.

Avanzar is well known for its expertise in the assessment and implementation guidance of the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights.

Social and community conflict may cause project delays or cost overruns. Avanzar conducts social risk assessments to anticipate, mitigate and prevent these setbacks and promote opportunities for positive contributions to sustainable development.  

Our assessment and stakeholder engagement services comply with IFC standards, the UN Guiding Principles, the UN Global Compact, and World Gold Council Responsible Gold Mining Principles.

The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights establish that business has a duty to respect human rights. Avanzar helps companies meet this expectation by identifying the salient risks, advising on strategies to address these risks and reporting on the company's progress. Avanzar's methodology includes the participation of the rightsholders and encourages transparency of all information.

Concerns regarding water quality and quantity are often at the heart of the conflict between extractive companies and their community stakeholders.

Avanzar creates community-based water monitoring committees that build trust between extractive projects and their surrounding communities and ensures greater collaboration and transparency in the protection of local water resources.

The United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights require companies to develop grievance mechanisms that are legitimate in the eyes of stakeholders, accessible to stakeholders, predictable, equitable, transparent, rights compatible, and promote continuous learning and improvement.

Avanzar helps its clients ensure their mine site grievance mechanisms align with these expectations.

Children are the most vulnerable in our society. Corporate-community conflict and corporate procedures can impact child health and safety, access to food sources, access to education, among other impacts. Avanzar partnered with UNICEF to pilot tools that help business identify potential impacts and strategize ways to promote positive impacts and mitigate the negative.

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Offices located in California, USA and Calgary, Canada

In the USA, call us at +1-415-235-6895. In Canada, call us at +1-403-975-5477

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